Come home to your body

Free access to world-class teachers, practical tools for times of turmoil, and a supportive global community

I’m taking part in the BIGGEST EVER Online Summit this month. The Embodiment Conference brings together 1000 speakers and over a quarter of a million participants. More and more people are using 2020 to uplevel their skillsets, follow their passions, heal, grow,  connect and build community through the online web weaving us together in unpredicted ways. This conference is totally free!

It will be a rich opportunity to come home to your body, in our chaotic world. Many of the planet’s best teachers will be there, and it costs nothing to be a part of. It boasts keynote speakers such as Peter Levine, Ken Wilber, Gabor Mate, Tara Brach, and Charles Eisenstein and 100s more.

Yoga, leadership, dance, creativity, social change, intimacy, martial arts, meditation, breathwork, coaching body therapy, anatomy, ecology and trauma are all represented! The event is unique in size, but also in how it will help you find what you’ll most love, and connect you to others, using some clever new technology that lets you search for talks that exactly match your interests and adds them directly to your calendar. 

At the conference you can:

  • learn about new areas of the field (they have it covered!)
  • gain deep personal insights 
  • deepen your professional expertise
  • gain dozens of practical tools for stress and trauma 
  • get inspired and reboot your own practice
  • connect with people across the globe for support and encouragement 

Get your free place and receive as a bonus:

  • The free embodiment book.
  • A voucher for the Embodiment shop with a value of £50
I will be sharing as part of the relationship and intimacy track addressing the need for Resilience and Ending Relationships Consciously. Join me on Monday 19th for a free transformational workshop on healing our hearts from relationship loss, death and health crises.

It is time for humanity to fully claim our amazing capacity to heal, create, love and liberate ourselves. I hope to you see there next week as part of this largest educational event in human history!

Sending Blessings, 
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