My 2 greatest passions collide in March 2020! The transformational power of ISTA returns to my home – Lake Atitlan Guatemala for back-to-back Level 1 and 2 Intensives.

As lead of Level 1, I get to pick the team so I’m delighted to be bringing together the amazing beings Dhyen Niten & Stephanie Philips. Our core team of assistants is almost finalised and Im … ecstatic about how it’s unfolding.

Level 2 brings Komala Lyra back to the lake to lead this powerful shamanic death and rebirth journey –  co-facilitated by myself and Dhyan Niten.

The severe sexual wounding of our species becomes ever more apparant daily. Those of us awakening to the immense need to heal and reclaim the sacredness of our creative life-force are stepping forward – ready to not just talk and type, blame & complain but dive deep inside themselves and re-educate and liberate from all the shame, guilt and fear.

The rewards are HUGE – and go way beyond your ability to have fulfilling relationships. This is about awakening to the fullness of your human technology and stepping beyond the gender wars and into your creative power to anchor in love on the planet.

You are invited to join us in the land of Eternal Spring on the shores of Lake Atitlan – a power-point for new paradigm living. This will be ISTA’s 9th consecutive year at the luxury eco-retreat, @Villa Sumaya – where participants have gorgeous high end rooms with ensuite bathrooms, private balconies overlooking Lake Atitlan and volcano views.

The venue is incredible –

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