Relationship endings ?can be agony and most of us muddle through them with little support.

The truth is bad break-ups that happened in your past can stop you from getting your current relationship right now.

Do any of these mistakes sound familiar? ?

? Not Releasing – Not fully letting go of the other person emotionally – holding onto resentment or pain – so you never become fully available to someone new.
?Not Reflecting – Not taking time to reflect on what lessons you learned from the relationship, so you fail to expand your self-awareness.
?Numbing Difficult Emotions – Using toxic habits to distract and avoid feelings, so you fail to access the energy and guidance of your emotional body.
?Not Refilling your Own Cup: Not prioritizing self-love and acceptance BEFORE moving into a new relationship, so you repeat painful patterns by connecting from a place of lack and scarcity.
?Not Finding Guidance – Not getting support to help, celebrate, and encourage you to go through this transformational death-rebirth cycle, so you miss a significant opportunity for deep growth and personal evolution.

Relationship loss is a form of death ☠- identity death. When we understand its transformational nature, we can turn the experience from suffering into an INITIATION into self-awareness and awakening.
? The 30-day online RESILIENCE JOURNEY will give you tools to revisit your past and harvest its gifts.?

I’m here to support you, to help you navigate the pain and turn it to power. You’ll also love the support of being in a community with others prioritizing their healing and empowerment.

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