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Online University of Love & Sexuality 10 Module Course

May 1, 2017 - August 5, 2018


As part of the University of Love & Sexuality (ULS) team, we have created an online Foundational Course of 10 modules designed to give you access to the latest information and tested development techniques so you can fast-track your path to freedom, from anywhere in the world.

Topics include the power of self love, emotional mastery, communication, sexuality and intimacy master classes to integration of masculine and feminine polarities, my own module ‘Healing the Past’ and much more. This series aims to provide you with the tools to orient yourself and delight in your unique journey on the path of love. Today you have the chance to access the entire course for $1 for the first month.


Invest $1 & Try All 10 Courses On ULS (RRP $1040) Just Click Here Enter On The Coupon Code ‘$1’ 

ULS is a groundbreaking social learning platform for anyone looking to expand their sex lives and broaden their capacity for self-awareness and Love.

✓  The course features videos, books, classes and retreats (at the advanced level).

✓  Taught by the world’s leading experts on topics concerning the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of Love.

Learn Together. Anywhere.

Learn with and meet others across the globe with our social platform. We have:

✓  Your Own Wall (Just Like Facebook)

✓  Groups

✓  Forums

✓  Private Messaging

It’s the perfect place to learn and meet new friends (and maybe lovers!) from around the world.

For more information  – join us here

  • We feel it is time for a complete redefinition of Love and Sexuality for the entire world. We desire to break down the borders of countries and languages with Love. We desire to bring back integrity to the most sacred parts of humanity.

  • We envision when we raise our awareness, knowledge and insight of our true potential with Love & Sexuality we will evolve much faster in this critical period of our evolution.

  • Because you were born in Saudi Arabia, Iran, or North Korea does not mean you should not have access to this education. We want this education to be accessible to all. We want to bring sacred space back to the place where it has been lost.

    Just Click The Button Below & Enter On The Coupon Code ‘$1’ To Start For $1 To Start.


How To Truly Love Yourself  with Ruby May
Communication Mastery wth JP Sears
How To Heal From Past Relationships with Araminta Barbour
The Tools For Emotional Mastery with Dakini Chantelle
Be The Best Lover Ever! (Men AND Women) – with Triambika Ma Vive
The Fundamentals of Sacred Sexuality with Shashi Solluna


May 1, 2017
August 5, 2018
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