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Wild Love – Earth Initiation – Private Event

June 19 - June 21

Earth Initiation

At the beginning of the Wild Love tour is a very rare alignment in the heavens between the earth, the moon, the sun and the galactic centre. All the keys players in our cosmology aligned as well as a Pluto Jupiter conjunction. The scene is set for a great planetary death/rebirth drama.

This weekend is designed to be a portal of transformation – a collective rite of passage between civilisations.
It will be facillitated the first time by Bruce Lyon, Janine Ma-ree and Ohad Ezrahi. We will work with the essence of the death/rebirth initiation and create new collective rituals that support the transition into a soul culture of love and freedom. You will be part of the road test and creative process.

Over the next ten years as the planet comes to grips with what is happening to the biosphere as a collective near death experience, millions of people are going to need to pass through the door of initiation. This is our offering to make a transformational experience available to them. It will not be as sexually focused as Ista programmes but will include eros and be an intense experience for the soul and heart. It will also support those who are drawn into Ista work as well as be an opportunity for faculty, apprentices as well as experienced facillitators/organisers from related fields to teach.

There will not be any centralised organisation but it is designed to spread under the new power paradigm where it can be adapted and proliferate according to inspiration and demand. The spirit of it is as a gift to humanity.
For this first workshop we have a venue near glastonbury as the start of the tour and may try to get to stonehenge for the actual alignment.
This event may also spill over into a public festival either after or before – talk to Jenni if you have interest in helping organise.

Invitation only – Araminta will be in attendance

website: www.wildlove2020.com


June 19
June 21