Calling the sisterhood together for a 3-part transformational journey to:

* Dive deeply into 4 key archetypes of the Divine Feminine: Maiden/ Mother/ Priestess/ Crone
* Learn tools to support, embrace and release our emotional body energy.
* Free ourselves from layers of cultural shame, fear and taboo around our blood, our bodies, and our sexuality.
* Reclaim the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of our menstruation cycle.
* Discharge the shadows, express, be spiritually nourished, held, heard and seen in a safe space together.

This gathering will meet once each week exploring a different aspect of the Divine Feminine and allowing these gifts and any healing to be integrated:

MAIDEN: Few women today have been initiated into the so-called ‘blood mysteries’ that support self-acceptance, self-responsibility and respect for the gifts and powers of being born a woman. Women are strong because we are not constant; because the rhythm of change is the rhythm of the universe. How do we embrace the full spectrum of our emotional energies instead of fighting the flow of our cycle? This evening we will honestly reflect on our relationship to our bodies, our blood cycles and the powers of creation and destruction encoded in our biology – resulting in a deeper acceptance of the strength of womanhood and the powerful experience of sharing the initiatory sisterhood rite of first blood.

MOTHER: From the Good Mother to the Devouring Mother, this archetype’s power moulds us so profoundly that there are immense gifts to be had from facing our own relationship to it. This evening we will explore and discharge any wounding connected with our own mothers and share our feelings about becoming and/or being a mother. We will restore the sacredness of the womb space and deepen our connection to our own maternal lineage. How do we create and what do we want to birth in this world? What is the connection with our sexual energy and our desire? What is our relationship to giving and receiving nurturing and love? By reclaiming the powerful creative energies available to us we will learn to embody the fullness of the Queen and celebrate and recognise each other as embodied powerful manifestors.

The last part of our journey we turn to embrace 2 of the more culturally feared and repressed archetypes of the Divine Feminine so they can become deeply integrated aspects, allies and guides:

We will learn tools that heal and magnify our connection to our inner worlds. This evening we deeply reconnect with the creative inner voice as well as embrace the gifts of our erotic sexual energy. Discussion of sex magic and sexual abuse healing will be prioritised.

CRONE/ WISE WOMAN: We will build trust in our ability to utilize our destructive capacities with consciousness, safety and integrity to clear space for new growth in our lives. Because the womb can store imprints of every intimate encounter and key relationship, we will explore techniques to clear the past, release toxic emotions
Reclaiming the power of The Crone – the wise woman – from it’s negative connotations, we will turn the tables on a culture that denies the beauty and wisdom of age. Stalking our own shadows for bitterness and tendencies to blame the outside world, we will find the courage – the rage of the heart – to own our entire nature, honestly observing the parts of ourselves we reject. Our intention is total self-acceptance and empowerment.