Ecstatic Community Ecstatic Communion

Tantra is the Art of weaving Love and Life, Sex and Spirit, Consciousness and Embodiment. Join us for 3 unforgettable Days and Nights with a focused intention to step into our power, our pleasure and our purpose. Experience world-renowned teachers in a magical setting with DJ’s, Yogis, and Musicians leading Rituals and Performances designed to elevate the spirit and celebrate the power of love. The Sex and Consciousness Workshops will take place throughout the festival at Ramashala with 2 morning and 2 afternoon workshops each day.  Workshops will encompass many approaches to Tantra, Spiritual Sexuality, and Conscious Sensuality, presented by passionate teachers excited to pass on their knowledge and ideas to you.  Evenings will be filled with music, dance, rituals and entertainment, bringing our Ecstatic Community together in Ecstatic Communion!

We’ve called together a diverse faculty of internationally renowned teachers and leaders in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and related arts.  We want you to ask yourself: What is useful to you in your life? Your spirituality? Your sexuality? How can sexuality serve to increase your awareness, your love, your compassion, and your life-force energy?
Check out what these passionate teachers have to share with you to help you answer these questions and bring you into a more intimate relationship with yourself and all of life!

The Festival will take place on the Puna Coast, on the southeastern side of the beautiful island of Hawaii, also known as The Big Island.  The area is home to the world’s most active volcano and a lush tropical landscape. The famous nude black sand Kehena Beach is located within walking distance of the festival grounds and is frequented by spinner dolphins and humpback whales.  The event will be centered at Ramashala, a gorgeous Balinese-themed retreat center reverberating with the sound of ocean waves crashing on the nearby lava cliffs.  A truly magical place for a transformational gathering!

Tantra places an emphasis on Breath, Sound & Movement. When we move our bodies with our breath, we are purposefully moving our energy and supporting the flow of life.   When we bring this awareness to our breath, each new breath becomes an opportunity to realize how everything we seek is right here.