Claim the sovereignty of your sacred sexual life force. Gain tools for emotional body vibrancy. Mature your inner masculine & feminine energies. Integrate your shadow. Explore the blood mystery teachings, healthy boundaries, and new paradigm relationships free of co-dependency.

This 2 day workshop at The Sanctuary in Guatemala will give you an introduction to the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic core principles. Join us and step into the next level of our sexual evolution, aligning your sexuality with all that you are for regeneration and spiritual transformation.

Registration required – 16 places available:
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spiritual sexual shamanism june 2015Dates: Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th JUNE
Times: 9.30 – 12.30pm & 2-5pm
Cost: 950Q
Facilitated by Araminta:
Founder of The Sanctuary Guatemala, Faculty with ISTA (International Schools of Temple Arts) & The Insititute of Conscious Sensuality in Hawaii, Women’s Red Tent Guide




Topics include:
* Boundaries
* Tracking Energetics through all interpersonal dynamics
* Wheel of Consent
* Sacred Sexual Paths
* Blood/Moon Mysteries
* Communication Tools for Intimacy
* Emotional Release tools
* Identifying and breaking telepathic agreements that are draining life force energy.
* Self-love practices and identification of core wounds
* Sexual Energetics
* Building Personal Power and stepping into sovereignty
* Inner Marriage of masculine and feminine polarities within
* Integrating our sexual life force energy with our spiritual practices
* Clearing body shame or fear of sexual life force energy.

Registration through Facebook or Email required with 100Q deposit.

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