How much life do you want in your own life?
Let us take you on a JoyRide – the Experience of your life…

During 5 days and nights you will have the possibility to explore yourself and discover that you can take more space in your own life. There will be opportunities to explore yourself, your life, your sexuality, through tantra, relations, power, dance, breathing, challenges, fun, body movement, massage, domination, laughter, relationships, shame, food, meditation, relaxation, insights…

What to do during the five days?

There will be at least 50 different workshops to choose from. And there is only one workshop that you have to do – everyone has to participate in that one. It´s a workshop about saying Yes and No. We feel that it is important that all of us can say Yes and No, to be responsible for what they do or doesn’t do. It is one of the ingredients of building the safe space that we need to do whatever each one of us needs to do during this experience.
Beside this workshop that will happen the first night – there will also be small sharing groups meeting every morning , that will play an important part in your own JoyRide.

There will be small surprises and happenings when we expect it the least. If you think you have something to share in this sense – please contact us. There will also be dancing every night for those of you who want and need to move your body a little bit more.
There will also be a café where you can spend time doing nothing or something. And for those of you who would like to take it a little bit further – there will be a kinky corner for you to explore… Beside what we create there is also nature right where we are.

The first program will be published in June.


• The ticket includes camping at the venue, which is located in direct connection to the festival area. Bring your own tent.
• At an additional fee there are beds (limited) to rent indoors at the festival area. Bring your own sleeping kit (sleeping bag, sheets, teddy bear, etc)
• If you are sound sensitive – please bring earplugs – the sound can sometimes be quite loud in the festival area.
• Shared shower and toilet. Bring your own sheets and towels. An extra towel is always good to have. And it might be a good idea to bring your own pillow.
• You can rent a space for your camper or caravan (with electricity available). Book a space in advance since there are limited spots.


The festival ticket includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. At The JoyRide Experience we offer a vegetarian diet prepared with love, and if you want there is a possibility for a daily meaty supplement (needs to be booked in advance) We use ecological products to a large extent. If you let us know in connection with your reservation, we will arrange vegan diet (same if lactose intolerant) or gluten and nut-free food for you. For practical reasons we can´t meet needs from other allergies or diets during festivals. If you need a diet outside what we accommodate there are refrigerators and hotplates you can use.