“Whether your sexuality has been a source of joy or of shame, of pleasure or of pain, it holds powerful keys to life mastery. It is the energetic thread connecting you to the same power that created everything you bear witness to. When we are ready to explore the mystery of our sexual life-force energy, we stand at the doorway to manifesting our deepest dreams; to a life of liberated living AS loving power.”

Arminta is the founder of the retreat centre, The Sanctuary in Guatemala, and faculty member with ISTA (International Schools of Temple arts). Araminta leads workshops in sacred sexuality and shadow integration work around the world. Araminta is visiting Hawaii for only 1 month, sharing a range of talks and workshops including a special Red Tent Circle for the sisterhood. Join us for an informal introductory insight into her passion walking the spiritual sexual shamanic path ~ how to heal the wounding in the brother and sisterhood, what are the blood mysteries and what does empowered sexual healing involve…

Come for a juicy evening that will leave you hungry for more!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:
808.965.2382 or info@conscioussensuality.com

28 March – 8pm:

12-7222 Namohala Street, Kehena Beach