So moved by the courage of all the women and men finding their voice to speak out and share such vulnerable histories of suffering.

I wish to honour the paths of liberation being created by piercing so much silence that was perpetuating shame.

I acknowledge the outpouring of rage from the collective that is pushing back against the centuries upon centuries of boundary violations that have occurred.

I am grateful to all those allowing the stories to penetrate their hearts and vibrate open richer wellsprings of grief so more compassion can flow on this planet.

I celebrate these signs of maturity and of courage emerging where we can look at the deep shadow of our sexual wounding as a species together.

I ask for forgiveness for all the times I have hurt others. While I have experienced sexual harassment and felt unsafe in my own skin, I have also contributed to the suffering between the genders in my own ways. I have yelled and raged, thrown things, punched and hit, shamed and belittled. I have met sweetness with contempt, cut communication, emotionally shut down, withheld affection, turned to ice to punish.

I call in hope to all of us despairing at the extent of this trauma we are facing on the planet. I wish to share that I have had the privilege of seeing may times our immense, awesome capacity for healing, transformation and empowerment that directly addressing sexual wounding can bring.

I give thanks for the sacred sexuality teachings from so many lineages that are reemerging so rapidly at this time and merging with new cutting edge understandings of our psychology, neurobiology and the quantum field.

I trust in our ability to reclaim the sacredness of our genuine desire to connect and honour and love one another – that lies beneath these distorted fucked-up expressions of our need to see and be seen, to love and be loved.

May we continue to be courageous as the still-darker depths of our collective sexual shadow are brought to awareness.

May we keep learning how to channel the deep emotional currents that surface with them, so we do not turn against each other blindly but stand firmer in our commitment to love.

May all of our previous suffering serve us now to seed a new paradigm that honours the life web.

This is my prayer.