Humanity’s reverence to ‘the light’ in the 21st century seems complete.

From Prometheus’ stealing of fire from the Gods to Edison’s incandescent lamps we have progressed and pushed away the rhythms of the night.

We are a species continually buzzing, humming and connecting under the blue-glare illumination of our screens.

Our nervous systems strive for high summer functioning every day.
Society is “ON”


So what place for darkness and of sleep?
When even our spiritual paths fixate on AWAKENING

In an epidemic of insomnia-riddled, inflamed overactive minds, each new moon can be a healing call back to develop our relationship with darkness.

The feminine wisdom remains undervalued – of turning inward, slowing down, cooling down, quieting down, conserving energy.

The dark moon calls to give up a growing addiction to junk light and seed in the rich darkness of our inner worlds for the next 6-month cycle.
A whispered reminder to find your OFF switch. To let go of interfacing with the outer world.

Do we lie awake at night unable to sleep because we are meant to be moon gazing letting the dark skies pierce our eyes and return our night vision?

Have we become darkness deprived?

This Gemini New Moon I reach out to my sisters who may relish a space that honours the endarkenment path and its wisdom as the antidote to the excessive artificial illumination of our epoch.
Come rejuvenate in your relationship to the darkness.

Places remain to join @komalalyra and myself in IBIZA October for: