Friday 27 June: 9.30am – 12.30pm

Calling the sisterhood together during the time of the dark moon for a transformational journey to:

* Free ourselves from the layers of cultural shame, fear and taboo around our blood.
* Reclaim the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of our menstruation cycles.
* Discharge the shadows, express, be spiritually nourished, held, heard and seen in a safe space together.

Few women today have been initiated into the so-called ‘blood mysteries’ that bring deep peace, self-acceptance, self-responsibility and respect for the gifts and powers of being born a woman.

Women are strong because we are not constant; because the rhythm of change is the rhythm of the universe. How do we embrace the full spectrum of our emotional energies instead of fighting the flow of our cycle? To experience the strength of womanhood all the gifts have to be accepted and cherished – all the phases of the moon and the powers of creation and destruction.

Calling to those women who want to support the re-emergence of traditions that acknowledge the power of menstruation and who seek tools to support their sisters, daughters and granddaughters in loving and unlocking the gifts and wisdom of our sacred bodies. Calling to all women who view their cycle as negative; to those who suffer physical, mental or emotional pain from their moon. Calling to all those that seek sacred space to clear shame programs around their bodies and being female, so they can more fully step into self-love and their own power.

This is a multi-generational event – all women are welcome!
Come as you are – who you are is enough. This is a time to be honoured and respected. Life is messy – its how we came into this world and it’s extraordinary. Your story needs to be told.

Please join us at The Sanctuary for a powerful and beautiful journey together! This workshop is open to 12 people. To book a place, please email through the facebook page: Consciousness and Sacred Sexuality Guatemala or call: 32326541 or email: