As part of the University of Love & Sexuality (ULS) team, we have created an online Foundational Course of 10 modules designed to give you access to the latest information and tested development techniques so you can fast-track your path to freedom, from anywhere in the world.

Including the power of self love, emotional mastery, unconditional love, sexuality and intimacy master classes to integration of masculine and feminine polarities – this series aims to provide you with the tools to orient yourself and delight in your journey on the path of love.


For just $1 you can access all 10 modules for 1 month – including my own module: Healing The Past. This usually retails at $1040!



Stephen James Burford - Founder of Raw Attraction Magazine & ULS

JP Sears - www.innerawakeningsonline.com

Triambika Ma Vive - Ecstatic Awareness Institute

Dakini Chantelle - Shamanic Tantrica at Eliyah www.eliyah.com.au

David Bruce Leonard - Founder of Earth Medicine Institute

Ruby May - www.alchemy-eros.com

Ricky Gabrielly - Founder of The Marriage Boss

Vanessa Petronelli - www.Vanessa Petronelli.com

Dr. Douglas Paul Lehrer

Shondra Rose of Light - www.journeysawakening.com

Araminta Barbour - ISTA Faculty & Founder of The Sanctuary Guatemala

11 Teachers. 1 Mission.

ULS is an education-technology company that is dedicated to change the lives of one billion people. We offer the education that you’ve been longing for.

There is no need to go outside yourself to find your power; the universe is inside you. We promise to give you the tools to unlock it.

ULS is a groundbreaking social learning platform for anyone looking to expand their sex lives and broaden their capacity for self-awareness and Love.

✓  The course features videos, books, classes and retreats (at the advanced level).

✓  Taught by the world’s leading experts on topics concerning the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of Love.

Learn Together. Anywhere.

Learn with and meet others across the globe with our social platform. We have:

✓  Your Own Wall (Just Like Facebook)

✓  Groups

✓  Forums

✓  Private Messaging

It’s the perfect place to learn and meet new friends (and maybe lovers!) from around the world.

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