Private Sessions with Araminta

Private Sessions with Araminta
Private Coaching & Mentorship

From one-off coaching calls to ongoing mentorship, I provide confidential support tailored to your needs to support you to navigate and thrive personally and professionally. 

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Emotional Release Work

Most of us walk around with an under-exercised emotional body, suppressed from years of being ignored, denied and judged. Living with perpetual fear of ‘dark’ emotions hijacking us, we spend huge amounts of our life force energy trying desperately to organise our external lives specifically to avoid feeling certain things inside ourselves. This dampens down our vitality to a range that may appear ‘normal’;  but, life appears to lose its lustre and it becomes increasingly challenging to manifest our desires.

When it becomes impossible to avoid the rumblings from within, and long-suppressed emotions start knocking to be felt, it can be helpful to have a guide to support you in holding a safe space to release fully. In this session, specific methods that facilitate the emotional body to express easily will be demonstrated. Through the use of 7 shamanic tools integrating the tantric keys of breath, sound and movement, you will feel increasingly empowered to feel your emotions fully and safely. Through voice-dialoguing, you can revisit any situation from your life that holds emotional energies and reclaim your power.

On a deeper level, this work marks the start of the tantric inner-marriage path where we become ever more able to bring our presence (divine masculine) to our emotional body (divine feminine). As we move into increased understanding and embodied experience of the power and vitality of our emotions, we start to receive the wisdom and guidance that comes with them. Rapidly, the cycle of fear is reversed into one of awe and of love for the full spectrum of humanity’s emotional range. This session supports you in the realisation of safely moving this energy with integrity, so you can live free from past wounds, understanding how to direct your life-force energy towards manifesting your dreams.

  • First Session: 3 hours
Sacred Bodywork

The body is a gateway to all aspects of Self – it is our divine temple. These sessions address the deep wounding from our culture’s split of divinity from matter. They enable the receiver to be more present in their body by increasing the life-force energy’s movement throughout all of the body’s energy chakras. Whenever there is wounding, whether physical, emotional, or mental – when we aren’t able to be present and hold space for intense experiences at the time they happen, we often give them to our physical body to hold. This emerges as tension, contraction and eventually illness – signs pointing us in the directions where something is stored. Shamanically, gifts of power are waiting to be reclaimed, fragments of the self or ‘soul-retrieval’. It is deeply healing for the body to have the return of consciousness show up where it once abandoned it, willing to stay present for whatever needs to be felt, emotionally and physically. Clearing the body temple with love and awareness, the past can be revisited safely and once shut-down energetic pathways re-alivened. Trauma, abuse and layers of cultural guilt, shame and fear around sexuality have particularly cut us off from our pelvic area, genitals, womb and  buttocks, blocking our life-force energy at its root. These ‘taboo’ areas are powerful gateways for reintegrating our suppressed shadow material.

Many feel they lack full access to their creativity, joy and power. They become aware that something is shut down, numbed out, or calling for activation. By increasing the flow of kundalini energy and clearing emotional blocks, more pleasure and vitality is experienced in every moment of life. We can re-open our hearts from relationship wounds and gain freedom from shame encoded for our gender, sexuality, menstruation, or body image. Cellular memories from gestation in our mother’s womb and birth experiences can also resurface and be cleared. These sessions focus on physical techniques such as “de-armouring”, temple arts such as sacred spot practice for men and women, and massage to bring a sense of safety and ease back to the body. These sessions can be highly emotional, with the potential for rapid, fundamental transformation.

  • First Session: 3 hours
Intimacy Coaching

For those interested in walking further on the path of conscious relating, these sessions focus on development of empowered communication, shadow work, self-acceptance, healthy boundaries, circulating life-force energy, conscious touch and liberation from co-dependent energetics in relationships. Sessions are tailored to client’s intentions – for couples or singles.

Women’s Initiation Ceremonies

Recognition of major life transitions through ritual and celebration empowers the receiver to fully acknowledge the shifts they are going through internally and deeply embrace their next life stage. Sisterhood celebrations of menarche for young girls, motherhood and wise-womanhood (moonpause) are powerful ways of supporting ourselves through often challenging yet crucial periods in our lives. Community gatherings of women through Red Tent Events, often held on the new moon, bring cross-generational sharing, support and safe integration space to impart women’s wisdom.

Personal and group ceremonies can be requested. Enquire for further information.