Right Relationship to Rage

One of the many suppressed, denied and judged emotions is anger (and its cousin rage). Many of us lack mastery in knowing what to do with this emotion when it arises inside us. When we are unable to hold such an intense vibration comfortably, we usually resort to one of three strategies –

  1. We try to distract ourselves and bury it – giving it to our body to deal with (often resulting in illness later).
  2. We attempt to pass it on to others by spending time continuing in mental stories that justify the emotional frequency and encouraging others to feel the same too. When they do share our anger, we often feel release – not simply because we have someone colluding with our story and therefore a sense of justification, but because we have handed off the energetic vibration to them like a tuning fork.
  3. We act agressively or violently (physically or with our words) which disipates the energy.

Alternatively, emotional release tools that support us to presence and move emotions maturely and safely through our body using breath, sound and movement consciously can build our capacity to hold power and channel it wisely. This ‘Emotional Yoga practice’ expands our ability to hold all intense emotional states with full presence and gift us access to dynamic power to use for creative purposes.

For many of us, meditation and analysis of the mind without paired with an expression practice is not sufficient when the emotional waters are tidal-wave size. Spiritual bypass is rampant in so much advice given today and perpetuates the collective denial and unwlllingness to see reality directly. While the mind may be able to jump into forgiveness, acceptance, big-picture peace – the emotional and physical bodies often move at slower cycles and require different practices to come back into alignment.

What if rage is your ally and you ability to feel it a great gift of the human condition – often bringing wisdom to boundary violations and the energy to stand up and be couRAGEous enough to speak your truth? If you are ‘never an angry person’ you may have armoured your heart so as not to feel the challenges on this planet and cut yourself off from a vital source of energy. Part of the path of spiritual sexual shamanism is to fully integrate the power and intuition of ALL colours of the emotional body. By untangling our conditioning and judgement that any emotions are negative in and of themselves, we can begin to reframe our relationship with this aspect of self  (often associated with the feminine side in each of us). Mastery is how we respond, not a state where we dont feel emotions at all. Anger itself IS, and needs not to be feared. What we are healing from is immature expressions of aggression.  For a Buddhist perspective on right relationship to anger and contrasting it with aggression see this article: https://www.lionsroar.com/the-wisdom-of-anger/

A key focus of many of my private sessions and foundational teachings through the workshops and events I facilitate, is providing emotional release containers to those who have numbed out and disassociated from past traumas, heart-aches, abuse and overwhelm. The good news is they are sitting on volcanoes of power and they can quickly learn to how to move that energy themselves safely and transform their blocks into life-force sources. As we trust ourselves to move powerful emotional energies we step into expanded freedom, we stop micro-managing our loved one’s emotional bodies and aren’t manipulated as easily by collective emotional outbreaks and the storylines associated with them.

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