The debasement of men has become sickenly normalised.

What is equally concerning is that it’s getting harder to call it out for the dehumanising, toxic and incompassionate behaviour it is.

The tidal waves of pent up emotional energy arising in the collective at this time, seek targets to justify release. When a target becomes socially agreed upon, anyone suggesting it may not be the real cause, often becomes the latest projection point for torrents of rage.

And when it comes to that taboo of topics – sexuality,  the collective unconscious seems to be building an agreed story along the lines that male erotic energy is inherently evil and anyone who disagrees is normalising rape culture.

The uncanny resemblance with the previous era’s demonisation of female sexuality screams out loudly to me.

Sisters, we know the cost of our sexuality being judged, feared and shamed. Let’s not generalise about ‘men’ in negative ways or remain silent when others around us do. Let’s not paint all our brothers with the same brush when there is so much evidence all around of us of loving, hard working men showing up, creating and providing for their communities, wanting to connect in loving ways with women.

There is a great opportunity here to step into love in the face of turmoil. All words of hate come from pain, in my opinion. If you cannot see the majesty of your own or the other gender, do not justify that belief by collective stories – own that you have some healing work to do and come back into love.

So grateful to read this article at this time! Please take a look and see what is happening and how it perpetuates the gender wars, instead of healing it.