Workshops & Retreat Testimonials

This training has taken me to the depths of my being. Embracing the array of colors, emotions, sensations, darkness and light, I returned home. Love, ecstasy, vibrancy and eros energy are within me. Level 1 supported this awakening, awareness and expansion of love. With gratitude to the ISTA faculty for creating such a safe and beautiful container to be authentic and express myself fully. – Karina Velasco

My system is still deeply processing the experiences that we co created at the workshop last week. I felt safe and comfortable with the group as the experience was beautifully crafted to allow us each to drop in with a safe container of well defined boundaries and explicit expectations of beneficial interactions. Even though I had not met anyone in the group previously, I found myself easily opening to the experience of exploring my own boundaries with another, exploring my own limiting thoughts and beliefs around movement and sound and deepening my awareness of the role of breath, movement and sound in clearing and healing emotional energies. It was exciting to be able to explore the roles of the inner masculine and feminine and my own concepts and beliefs around these. I feel that deep levels of healing happened for me on a personal level and that I was honored to be a part of the healing work of the group which touched us all deeply and on many planes. I look forward to working with you again in the future. –  2-Day Introduction to Spiritual Sexual Shamanism Workshop – Bodhi

Such an empowering 3 hours… The knowledge shared is as old as humankind itself- so important and necessary to our evolution to remind ourselves of our roots, that this wisdom within each of us grows like a seed to blossom once again in mainstream society. Its about time! Glad to be there and commune with u all. – JP

The ISTA Level 1 training is pure alchemical magic. Just when I thought there wasn’t room for huge growth and transformation in my being … my doors were blown open. I learned, I healed, I grew and i was transformed into a bigger expression of who I am. I have nothing but love and gratitude for this experience and the entire ISTA staff. Life changing. – Kevin Brizendine, Guatemala, 2013.

While I was in Guatemala, I attended a Red Tent Workshop on the mother archetype. My upbringing wasn’t exactly smooth, and caused me to have a rocky relationship with my own mother. Araminta guided us into release work where I was able to release multiple past hurts relating to my mother and childhood. Since that day, the pain I held from the past has melted away and I have been able to forgive and understand both my mother and her choices. I now see my mum for the amazing woman she is! We get along so unbelievably well and have so much love and acceptance for one another now. I feel like Araminta’s workshops set me free from a childhood of pain that I had insisted on dragging around every where I went. I can’t thank Araminta enough. I now have the relationship with my mum that I have always wanted – one built on understanding and love. I dont think I could have achieved that without Araminta’s help. I couldn’t recommend her enough. She is an amazing healer, teacher and philosopher! – JH, Women’s Red Tent Workshop Testimonial

Such a RADICAL NEED for your work, sister. A space of safe and deep exploration in which the veils of patriarchy are insightfully fractured and the Light of the Spirit in its wholeness -not anymore identified with genders or any other kind of roles- unfolds. Self and collective understanding and healing, creation of sacred circles of sisterhood that transcend boundaries and frontiers. Embracement of the lunar archetypes that had been interested hidden to us. Thank you, Araminta, for invoking, and holding this space to reclaim, and specially, for inviting us to embody and thoroughly manifest our full magical and divine potentiality. May we all heal and awaken to the wholeness of the Sacred Feminine. (Looking forward for your next wemoon’s call!). – LC

This training has delivered yet again an expansion and deepening into my true self, my power, my self-acceptance and my self-love. It touches that part of me that is soul/spirit. This training gives permission to express, share, love, cry, laugh and to be still – to be authentic and to grow up and into yourself as a fully integrated adult being. The explanations of the deep inner psyche, the masculine and feminine, the healthy and unhealthy parts of yourself are core and fundamental pieces to really living in presence and freedom. This information is deeply integrated through experiential experiences that give a felt sense of being that version of yourself. – Elaine, UK, Guatemala, 2013 Level 1.

The red tent course gave me the opportunity to realize that my masculine side was far more developed than the feminine one. Therefore it was beautiful to work and share with other women as I never really experienced that in the past. I realized how much power and magic a women can have and that made me feel peace with my feminine energy and get ready to accept and love my body. – CV

I really enjoyed myself. The sacred space you setup was breathtaking. I left the workshop feeling whole and with a sense of a newly acquired sisterhood. – GS

Pondering all that I felt in this incredibly, intense, in-depth , vulnerable look at the Blood Mysteries and the history of the divine feminine.
1) Everyone needs to come to this workshop. Araminta explores so much of our collective myths, stories and wounds that I found myself taken away to long lost times in my life, dormant times in history , and sleeping lifetimes of drama. This work awakened connections and built bridges to places inside of me that I hadn’t visited before.
2) There is so much to learn! I have always been drawn to this work and know it well in some ways. I was shown so much more today in circle that made me understand where my work is going and how this information, these insights must be shared with the world especially our children. 3)Finally..It’s a good time.. It’s like playing with friends and remembering who I truly am.. Looking around the sanctuary into the eyes of all of these beautiful ,authentic womyn, I was brought to tears many times. The teachings combined with the collective pain , pleasure and processing brought a remembering that at times ran through my eyes like rivers finally reaching the sea. – MW

Amazed how profound and insightful can 3 hours be when a sacred circle is created: thank you sister for such a powerful morning! – Anon

Araminta is a truthseeker, both in regard to herself and others. She is deeply inquisitive as to her own actions and motives and those of others. Araminta has an open, compassionate and nonjudgmental presence. She really sees others and cares deeply about their journey. Araminta has many gifts and much wisdom to share which she has developed through living her own life as a very real human being. She is expansive and down to earth in healthy measures.  I have attended a number of events where Araminta has been a facilitator and space-holder. She fulfils this role with ease , presence and fun. She can be serious and silly when appropriate and creates a safe space for others to step into their fear, power , sexual self, emotions, child and shadow. Araminta connects well with women , men and groups. I would highly recommend attending Araminta’s events or engaging with her in one to one sessions. – Elaine, UK

Thank you. Most courageous of you to allow us men into such a mysterious place and help us understand a bit better the perfection of these women we want to worship. In just three hours I can honestly say, “I’m a wiser and better man. – JK

YES! SO EMPOWERING and INSPIRING! Thank you Araminta Barbour, for holding this space, and thank you sisters for sharing! – MG

Araminta, I didn’t get a chance to fully express my appreciation fro the depth of knowledge that you shared with us.i felt the unlocking of many rooms that have been waiting for your reminders of the truth… Yes… Yes!!! – Anon

Feeling so grateful for this magic morning. So inspiring and heart opening to witness and be seen in our strengths and vulnerabilities. Thank you so much Minta for you loving and radiating presence and to all the sisters present there. So empowering to come together like that, to nurture and support each other on our unique journeys… Lots of love to you sisters. – MC

Participating in the Red Tent Women’s Circle was an incredibly eye-opening and empowering experience. I spent 34 years being disconnected from my cycle and from embracing my full womanhood. Through the Circle I’ve come to acknowledge, accept and celebrate all stages of my cycle and to own and embrace my divine femininity. Araminta facilitated a safe, loving, fun environment where we got to explore deeply various facets of ourselves and reinforce a strong, much-needed bond of sisterhood. I only wish that I could have had this experience 20 years ago! – CV

Araminta’s courses give a fresh perspective and insight into womanhood. She guided us through exercises that enabled deep release. We connected to and gained new understanding of our most intimate body parts and emotions. Araminta is a wonderful facilitator and passionate in her genuine desire to share her empowering knowledge. – GG

Thank you sister, I went in without expectation, and came out filled…namaste to all the sisters for being in this together. – LT

This two day Introduction to Spiritual Sexual Shamanism workshop is packed full of useful information and particularly practices to take away and engage with in your life.  It was presented by Araminta with clarity and an evident depth of knowledge and personal experience as well as a warm gentle humour which made everything very accessible and real. I carry with me tools which I am already finding to be of benefit in my daily life. – Mary

When a woman like Araminta has the courage to speak up, she is a light for the rest – not only women, men too, young and old. Through these workshops we saw a ray of light shining through the darkness, bringing a breath of hope, helping us recharge, reaffirming that our intuition is that divine connection. That we CAN trust it. We can trust ourselves. We can love ourselves. We can cherish ourselves. As we cherish, love and respect all this as divine, we vibrate in this love, radiating out to everything and everyone. Accepting and embracing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in union, as one.  In this space there is no division, no judegement, only love and acceptance – allowing us to reach into our darkest depths, our best hidden secrets, those times we felt so much pain, we couldnt deal with it. We put it away. We hid it so well. The red tent in San Marcos, for me, was a reconnection – loud and clear! Still today I am learning from the workshop, learning to see old patterns and to release them. As Araminta holds this sacred space, through her work, enormous amounts of releasing and healing take place. Through being present and allowing ourselves to feel, without judgement, we can see more objectively and clearly. Once we see it, that’s it! That spark lights the fire that we take in our souls, and that light can be seen wherever we go! Thank you Araminta,  – Maria

Sacred Body Work Session Testimonials

I was introduced to the sensual goddess Araminta Barbour at a tantra workshop I participated in during my stay in San Marcos, Guatemala. When I heard about her healing work (and with such high regard), curiosity got the best of me and I immediately jumped on the opportunity to meet her and learn more.

I had limited understanding of sacred sexuality, tantra, shamanism — but I did know that I yearned to connect to a deeper, internal space, as well as clear up energetic channels that had been blocked by emotional distress & anger resulting from the loss of a loved one and from current and former relationships.

Upon meeting, I immediately sensed a connection. Araminta’s warm, calm and engaging nature makes it easy for one to feel comfortable, open and willing to share. I felt a sense of confidence and clarity in reaching out to Araminta and quickly realized my curiosity was in fact rooted by a deep, vulnerable interest. I was enamored by the beauty of it all – Araminta, her presence, her vibe, her knowledge, her space, the weather, the San Marcos volcanic backdrop – the whole scene.

The work itself is rather quite personal and intimate so it’s difficult to comment on specifics, but I can say that at every moment along the way, I felt comfortable, safe, engaged, loved, entertained and open. Araminta’s teaching approach is gentle yet profound. I remember her words, tips and know-how so vividly. She’s an incredible teacher and guide and I’m grateful that my introduction into this magical, healing world was manifested through such a brilliant, warm soul.

I highly recommend Araminta’s teachings and guidance to anyone seeking further understanding, learning or practice in this space. I’m already looking forward to my next opportunity to learn from and to heal through Araminta. – Rhea M – USA www.livingrhea.com

I feel very blessed in my life in that I live and work at a holistic healing center and I get to work with many amazing practitioners in various healing modalities. Because of this, my bar is raised high as to what I expect and look for in practitioners and facilitators I go to for my own healing. In my own transformational healing journey I knew that the time had come to turn and face what stalked me..the 1000 pound gorilla in the room that I could no longer deny. Although I “hid” it well and had done a lot of “personal work” around this issue, I had refused to take myself to the edge I needed to go to. I needed to really go deep into my shame of my body, my extreme discomfort to be naked, to be seen and touched and the core shame. rage and despair around my childhood sexual abuse. This topic was my “no fly zone”..an area that was taboo to go too deep into beyond the old paradigm talk therapies. Finally, my resistance to letting this issue heal and go was so painful that is was literally killing the flow of my life force/sexual/creative energy. It was interfering with my connections to my authentic self, my relationship with by beloved, my sacred purpose as a teacher, and most importantly, my connection with the Divine. I did not want to die not having experienced freedom from this energy that was draining me. I enrolled in the ISTA SSPT training to start my healing process. ISTA’s reputation of being on the cutting edge of this type of transformational work and the skilled and renown facilitators that are part of the ISTA team is why I chose this training over another. The entire week long experience took me to edges within myself that I didn’t know I had. Yet I always knew in the entire process that I was in sacred space and very safe. All of my facilitators were outstanding. However, one in particular was at the core of my own transformational healing process Araminta Barbour embodies the strength, wisdom and compassion of a true healer and guide. I was able to let my physical, emotional and energetic defenses down with her which allowed the most profound releases and shifts within me to occur that I have ever experienced. She is not only skilled in practices which allow for deep body/enrergy/heart trauma to release, her presence, love and intuitive awareness at every moment is something I have never experienced with another practitioner. Araminta not only walks her talk, she lives and embodies the healing that she is able to hold space and guide others to find within themselves. – KA, USA

My experiences working closely and intimately with Araminta have been beautiful and healing.  Aramints has a confident, nurturing, wise presence she brings to all things which contributes to the creation of a safe space, a supportive container in which to explore and grow, to be vulnerable and test personal boundaries.  I am very grateful for her gentle kindness that has helped me become a better person and learn more about myself. – R.R. Ireland

Before I booked my appointment with Araminta I observed her from a distance seeking guidance from my intuition…my instincts said go for it …she will be safe and will facilitate the much needed healing you so desire…My experience with Araminta was amazing!…so gentle, clear, loving and supportive and so talented in the Dakini profession she seeks to offer healing to others through…Please come to New Zealand Araminta we need professionals like you! – Norman – NZ

Emotional Release Session Testimonials

I arrived the first time to the session very tired and with a lot of vital confusions. I was in an extremely challenging moment with many decisions to take and not being able to go forward and make the changes that my life needed. I felt blocked in some way. I had in front of me a lot of paths but did not know which one I was able to follow. Araminta listened to me in a very professional and empathic way. She showed me the seven shamanic tools that changed my perception of me. I was, from then on, able to focus more, to express my emotions and to start walking. That walking did not mean I resolved all the problems at once but making one step at a time, small but very deep changes began to take place. Then I attended a Red Tent Women’s journey with Araminta. There I had a complete vision of the power women have inside but unfortunately our education or society have taught us to block all this and not show emotions. So I unfolded many emotions blocked there. I find it is a very good complement to make individual sessions with Araminta and participate in the collective sessions were you can share with other powerful women the strength of being together, knowing that other women are also share this path and can help. If you are looking for empowerment and working with emotions I deeply recommend you work with Araminta! – MC

As for my personal experience with ‘diving in’ to my hidden and repressed emotions, this journey is such an ongoing one of surprises and fruits. I discovered so many levels of dishonesty inside of me coming out as shame and fear.. Fear to speak the truth of how I feel and shame of judgement coming from others.  I am learning with this positive tantric work of emotional release to change my hidden judgements of all of these base and fundamentally beautiful energies. The empowerment that is experienced from allowing the aggressive will to be expressed instead of repressed is amazing. The freedom from the shame felt over the judgement of having to be strong and having to hide our weaknesses is humbling and beautiful as we can learn to embrace our grief and sorrow.  There is a lot of talk about working with the dark side of oneself and I have found these tools so down to earth and practical in their simplicity. Thank you for sharing. – MV

Finding myself reconnecting to yet another deep part of me that had been waiting to be seen and embraced. A part of me filled with deep longing and realisation that this is exactly what we are here to ‘do’ – to reconnect with the wisdom and power we buried away in fear. Thank you beautiful soul sisters for sharing a morning in the garden of eden  May we all keep sharing and supporting each other to stand in our power…in all of its glory – juicy, overflowing, messy & beautiful! And Araminta I am absolutely blessed to have you and the sanctuary in my life. Love xx. – LN

It was through an emotional body work session with Araminta, that I was able to not only become aware of a part of myself that I had blocked, but also to break-through to it. Araminta beautifully facilitated for my inner journey and provided a relaxed, comfortable and sacred space for me. Through gentle guidance, I was given the confidence to be honest and was able to express myself freely. – EK

The emotional release session with Araminta was groundbreaking for me. The incredibly safe, supportive and sacred space that Araminta created allowed me to express and explore my emotional body, including delving into emotions that I have been too afraid to feel in the past. I am using the tools I learned regularly, and already feel that they are a very important key in my evolution. Through this one powerful session, I gained the insight that I had been living my life very safely, out of fear of feeling certain emotions. I got to experience that I have the capacity and strength to let my emotions out instead of trapping them inside, and that I am able to witness and express them productively and in a healthy way. I finally saw that I have both feminine and masculine energies and that I can encourage them both to be expressed. Since this session, I have noticed huge changes in the way I interact with people and the choices I am making. I feel less restricted by fear and more excited, adventurous and free from old emotional patterning. – Charlotte

The sacred and safe space you held allowed deep emotions to be expressed out loud. I felt I could travel very deep within knowing I was safely guided and accepted no matter what. It helped me reconnect with powerful parts of myself and embrace all of who I am. I experienced a big release of emotions and it helped me to see more clearly what was really going on inside. – Anon

The three sessions I had with Araminta had a profound and immediate positive effect on me. I was blown away by her passion and professionalism! – LL – South Africa

Mentoring Sessions

Having recently attended a 7 day intensive training that Araminta co-facilitated on in a profoundly heart felt way I was drawn to connect again, this time due to geographical constraints via Skype… it’s a long way from Ireland to Guatemala! I am so very glad that I availed of this opportunity; our hour long session made my heart smile and my soul sing. During the course of the session Araminta time and time again showed me, through deep listening and intelligent enquiry, that she is profoundly skilled and authentically motivated to support, guide and offer compassionate understanding. The session provided me with an opportunity to speak my truth as Araminta beautifully supported me, perceived obstacles and challenges in my life which I had worried about in advance of the session were lessened and I came away with a much clearer understanding of my next steps toward living my life more joyously. I am boundlessly grateful to have such a supportive and wise guide in my life and delighted that technology allows easy connection to Araminta in her paradise home! – Gráinne

The Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience

Hundreds of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA training over the past 8 years and have been radically changed for the better by uncovering reactive patterns, compassionately presencing them and transforming them into conscious empowering ways of being.
In this video here from 5 participantssharing their experience moments after the conclusion of this 7 day retreat.