EXHALE. Volcanic eruptions of volcano fuego back home in guatemala have my heart in somersaults.
Contracted in pain at the terror of the event and grief at the destruction of whole communities as the time rapidly runs out to find any more survivors – again the poorest most affected.

Heart expansive with the beauty and compassion that moves through humans in the face of intensity as the love that lies at our core starts to pierce through the everyday armour that usually separates us in petty comparisons and competition.

Humbled by front line news-reporting from talented journalist and friend David Mercer surrounded by ash-covered bodies.

Watching amazing friends like Pam AB organising vans filled with relief supplies to the refugee camps.

My neighbour Jay Jackson, ex US marine and inspirational community action-man, bringing his team from #fincasbuenas to San Juan Alotenango to support shelter construction.
***FYI This is where I am personally channeling my donations for personal-linked direct impact.on the ground. You can too here –

And yet again feeling that in the darkest times, despite the typical chaos of ineffective government response ,the courage and invincibility of the human spirit is revealed. The people of guatemala shine with it much of the time anyways IMO.
Missing my home and all its inner and outer beauty.