LISTEN TO SEX & HAPPINESS RADIO SHOW Interview with Araminta Barbour

A talk radio interview I did some weeks back with my fab colleague Laurie Handlers for her show Sex and Happiness, addressing a topic Im inceasingly passionate about – supporting women to own their own inner masculine erotic energetic signatures, maturing them and stepping out of suppresing and judging their brothers.

Peace between the sheets or the genders wont come about by controling and manipulating the other to fit into our ideals. Addressing the undercurrent of disdain many women have been taught to feel towards male sexuality reconciles once it’s owned within.

Skip to minute 24 for the core of this interview.

Art work by the amazing

Sex & Happiness Internet Talk Radio

Araminta Barbour, an international transformational workshop facilitator, joins Laurie to share important distinctions women need in order to thrive through these times. One of the most vivid things she addresses is the shaming of men and how that is hurting us all. Powerful show. Don’t miss it!

Sex & Happiness Radio Show